About Fraser Withey & SUP Stroud 

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Stand up Paddleboarding is the UK’s fastest growing water sport as people of all ages and abilities can learn to paddle on Lakes, Rivers, Canals and the Sea.

My own story began with the ending of a stressful career, medicated for depression and anxiety and suffering permanent lower back pain. I purchased a paddleboard and began spending time on local waterways with my dog, Nellie, as a means to learn to relax again.

My enjoyment of both nature and the tranquillity of being on the water played a major role in my recovery to a point where I could manage my wellbeing again. The no impact exercise also proved to be amazingly beneficial for my lower back as the upright twisting movement strengthened my core and alleviated pain.

I sold my motorcycle to raise funds for a couple of extra boards and became hooked, teaching friends on my spare boards and getting to know the local inland waterways.

In August 2018 I became an ASI Paddleboard instructor and enjoyed the tail end of the summer and also teaching a few hardy souls through the winter.

If you need to get away for a few hours, strengthen your core, improve your Mental Health or simply enjoy nature/exercise from a new perspective contact me and I will accommodate your needs. The feeling of being on the water just has to be experienced.

Team Building, Birthdays, Gift Cards, family gatherings all catered for and when at the Black Shed, Slimbridge can be followed by good food/refreshment in a Canal side setting.

When you become competent, usually after a single lesson, join “SUP STROUD GROUP” where like minded paddlers post discussion and events, board hire is often available.